Secure Phone

In a world of rampant mass surveillance and hacking attacks, you need a specialized solution to secure your communications and regain a sense of privacy. Secure Phone is a product designed to serve just that purpose.

secure phone

Key Features

Secure Phone is built from the ground-up with security in mind. Its operating system has been modified on several levels to counter specific threats, while state of the art encryption protects incoming and outgoing communications.

encrypted communications

The cryptographic protocols used by the device’s email, chat, and voice call apps ensure all communications remain encrypted until they reach the intended recipient.

global data coverage
Unlimited data, no roaming

No need to deal with mobile operators and worry about roaming fees. Secure Phone comes with a multi-IMSI SIM card which provides unlimited worldwide data coverage.

encrypted storage
Storage and data protection

The device features mandatory full-disc encryption, all app data is stored in encrypted databases, and all backups are encrypted and managed by the user.

Layered Security

Global Data Roaming

Secure SIM always keeps you connected and lets you enjoy unlimited data everywhere in the world.


Secure Phone is based on hardware that allows for the bootloader to be locked after the OS is installed. No one can make malicious modifications to the device.

Secure OS

With a modified system Kernel, custom libraries, no Google Services, and restricted Android runtime, Secure OS is a guarantee your phone cannot be hacked.

Security Apps

The device comes with a suite of security apps that include encrypted chat and email, a detector for fake cell towers, instant wipe, and an encrypted storage.

Remote Control

Secure Phone is paired with the Secure Administration System (SAS) platform, which allows administrators to assign policies to the device to control its functions.

Custom Applications for Maximum Security

secure email

Secure Email

PGP email client with user-managed encryption keys. No copies of messages or keys are ever stored on third-party servers.

secure chat

Secure Chat

Encrypted instant messenger using the OTR protocol for 1:1 chat, OMEMO for group conversations, and ZRTP for encrypted calls.

secure vault

Secure Vault

This app is the digital equivalent of a safe, in which you keep valuable possessions – an encrypted container to store important files, passwords, and notes.

secure wipe

Secure Wipe

Erase all data on your device at the push of a button. Unlike factory reset on regular phones, Wipe doesn’t leave traces of data behind.

imsi catcher detector

IMSI Catcher Detector

IMSI catchers are fake cell towers used to wiretap phones. This app alerts you when you are near one so you could take measures.

policy manager

Policy Manager

When hardware, OS, software, and app policies are changed via the Secure Administration System (SAS), the user can see them in the Policy Manager.

Custom Core, Secure Communications

secure phone nexus 5X

Modified Kernel

The Secure OS kernel has been modified to allow users to disable hardware (USB, Bluetooth, camera, etc.) by removing its drivers from the device.

Custom Libraries

The pieces of pre-programmed code used by various apps provide possible vulnerabilities. We went in and rewrote them to make them secure.

Secure Recovery

Accessing data when the device is in recovery mode is one way to bypass its encryption. It has been sealed off in Secure OS.

Locked Bootloader

After Secure OS is installed on a device, its bootloader is locked. If anyone tries to tweak it after that, the device will wipe automatically

Partition Scan

At every reboot, the custom partition validation scans all the phone’s hard drives to check if they are not infected with malware.

Sealed Content Provider

The Android content provider is modified to prevent apps from accessing each other’s databases – thus stopping malware from mining data.

You’re in Control

Secure Phone is managed through the Secure Administration System (SAS) platform. It can be used to push policies on the device, enabling and disabling hardware, apps, and features, as well as for remote wipe.

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Manage fleet of Secure Phone devices

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Enable third-party apps of your choosing

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Install and run on your own infrastructure

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Self hosted option avaialble

Instant Connectivity

Using Secure Phone doesn’t require you to have a plan with a local mobile operator. The device comes out of the box with its own multi-IMSI SIM card with unlimited data and coverage in over 140 countries.


No roaming fees. You talk freely wherever you are.


You have unlimited data, regardless of which country you are in.


The card can switch mobile identities to guarantee the best signal.

secure sim